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All our products contain broad spectrum hemp oil (750mg) plus pure crystalline isolate now legal in over 50 states.  The hemp oil in our products has been formulated using a pure pharmaceutical-grade concentrate of hemp isolate.  Our broad-spectrum hemp seed oil is also made with Kosher-grade vegetable glycerin suitable for vegetarians.

The vape pen is a convenient and easy format to quickly ingest a beneficial dose of hemp oil. Dr. Sonjay Gupta has spoken on TV about its many benefits. It’s the #1 natural remedy for anxiety or stress, without the side effects caused by prescription medication. It’s also an effective remedy for other psychological conditions, including panic attacks and PTSD, and for people suffering from pain or nausea.

The hemp oil will provide benefits for people who suffer from epilepsy, addiction and substance abuse problems, anxiety, depression, stress, and lack of focus.

Using hemp oil helps you to address the issues that cause disease, illness, and pain, rather than simply mask them, which prescription medication does. Hemp oil also contains natural compounds that reduce inflammatory chemicals in the body, which can lead to a variety of illnesses.

To use the pen, place the tip directly in your mouth with your lips around the top, pull into your mouth a deep breath to obtain the most accurate dosage. The hemp oil contained within the pen is vaporized into the lungs and dispersed throughout your body through the blood supply in your respiratory system.

The Hemp Oil Pen will provide a medium dosage of hemp to consumers. The number of times you administer this natural remedy is up to you dependent on your health conditions and current quality of life.

The vapor pen is our best-selling product due to its effectiveness.  No synthetic filler, or substance is in our vape pen, however, that is not always the case with pharmaceutical medications. No prescription is required to use our hemp oil vape pen.

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